Seven Reasons to Buy Local

Support Redmond's local economy

By choosing to buy locally, you are investing in your community and building long-term economic empowerment.

Nurture Community Pride

The City's vision of Connecting Community comes in many forms, including fostering relationships among the business and residential community.

Help the environment

When you buy local, you decrease the need to drive therefore reducing traffic congestion and air pollution.

Re-invest in Redmond

Money spent in a local economy is more likely to be spent in the same community. The taxes collected on these purchases benefit the entire community in the form of emergency services, education, infrastructure improvements, etc.

Create and sustain local jobs

A strong economy creates and sustains a healthy local job market.

Stengthen local non-profits

Local businesses historically contribute to charitable causes in their own community.

Have more choices

A strong selection of local business drives competition and innovation.

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